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Quality Statement
QualityTo manufacture and deliver Quality products efficiently, in a professional and flexible environment, on time to our customers, while striving to become a World - Class Organization.

Our Accreditations
- ATMASTCO is ISO-9001-2008 certified by TUV

ATMASTCO’s commitment to quality and delivery schedule has been recognized and appreciated by L&T - MHI, BHEL & Other Customers.
Testing Facility
  • ATMASTCO has test facilities for ultrasonic, MPI and radiography tests with NDT level 2 inspectors.
  • The Trichy unit is IBR certified.
Quality Procedures followed by ATMASTCO in works:
1. Raw materials are stacked in identifiable manner with name boards specifying the type of materials.
2. Special Quality materials are stacked separately.
3. Steel is stacked with different slots for Plates, Structures, Pipes, Chequered Plates, Sheets etc.
4. Visual inspection of the materials is carried out before start of the work.
5. Traceability of the material is ensured while taking out the material for works with back up Test Certificates and Quality Documents.
6. Wherever Ultrasonic Testing is stipulated , the same is carried out as per ASTM Standards with respect to different levels as per customer requirements.
7. Steel is cut either by using flame cut or Plasma Cut. Flame cut surfaces are examined for edge cracks for thicknesses above 25mm and also as per Quality requirements.
8. Edge preparation is carried out.
9. Welding carried out as per the Standard Welding Procedures.
10. Weld Joint inspections are carried out either by Magnetic Particles/Dye Penetrates/Radiography depending upon thicknesses, weld thicknesses and as also with respect to Customer Quality requirements.
11. Dimensional accuracies are checked as per Standard Procedures and ensured within the tolerance limits.
12. Welded surfaces are checked for surface imperfections, Welding Stresses, Bends, Elongation etc. and if deviation is found out the same is corrected using standard manufacturing processes.
13. Ultrasonic Tests, MPI, DP, Radiography, Stress Relieving, Heat Treatment processes are carried out as per the requirements of the job and recorded in the Day Books.
14. All Jobs are recorded for Materials, Dimensions, Testing Procedures, Quality procedures undertaken. Errors are reported in the records. Corrective actions are reported and authorized as per the Quality Procedures.
15. All Testing Tools and Equipments are calibrated according to the QAP Requirements.
16. Surface finish, Painting processes include Tool Cleaning, Sand Blast & Grid Blast, for which facilities are available at ATMASTCO.
17. The cleaned surfaces are painted as per the Painting requirements.
18. The Jobs are marked with the Drawing requirements clearly and as per the Drawing requirements, Stacked properly and dispatched to the customer systematically.
19. Complaints from Customers are attended within 7 days from the date of report of the complaint.