Health & Safety

ATMASTCO values the safety of its employees, subcontractors and those affected by our activities. Our commitment to safety is integrated into everything we do, as we believe, safely delivering of projects makes good business sense and improves our financial sustainability.

Health & Safety at ATMASTCO The use of management practices which aim to identify, recognize and eliminate parameters and conditions which may lead to undesirable events (accidents and occupational diseases), together with the systematic efforts undertaken to develop and adopt a culture focusing on the prevention of accidents and diseases at the work premises, is a long-standing commitment in our daily operations.

The elimination of accidents at the workplace, especially in our production plants, is a key concern. We seek to maintain the high safety indicators in our facilities, by implementing action plans and specific programmes to protect employees and improve their quality of life.

Our policy in this responsible area is implemented through the continuous improvement in health & safety facilities.