Environmental Initiatives

ATMASTCO commits itself to work towards the definitive goal of providing our employees and community with an eco-friendly work place that is free from air, water and land pollution through regular environmental performance improvement, prevention of pollution, and compliance to all relevant environmental legislations and regulations.

Environment Initiatives We make every effort to create a sustainable and environmentally secure future that calls for an active approach to preserving and improving the world around us. While we work for routine business, we strive to conduct ways to prevent pollution, reduce carbon footprints, extend the useful life of non-renewable energy sources and improve the quality of life for our neighbors.

Our following initiatives are the examples for others in the industry:

  • Tree plantation around the premises.
  • Regular training for the optimum utilization of consumables in all operations.
  • Encouraging employees for conserving the resources like water and electricity.
  • Reducing the usage of papers and encouraging e-copies instead.
  • Participation in local tree plantation campaigns.